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Web wherever with SpiderBracket.

The first and only universal laptop bracket.

Meet SpiderBracket, a patented design that allows MacBook users to customize and create the mobile WebStation/Workstation of their dreams. We designed our signature product with mobility and ease in mind. No matter where you work or how you work, SpiderBracket has you covered.

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Create your unique mobile webstation in seconds.

SpiderBracket is a versatile tool designed to transform your laptop into a highly adaptable workstation. It’s a unique, universal bracket that allows you to easily attach various devices like monitors, tablets, and cameras, enabling you to create a personalized mobile office. Whether for work, gaming, or content creation, SpiderBracket enhances productivity and flexibility, allowing you to efficiently operate in any setting.


SpiderBracket+ Customize and protect your MacBook!

Unlock the full potential of your MacBook with our patented and customizable webstation solutions:

• SpiderBracket+ Core Bundle
• SpiderBracket+ MacBook Sleeve
• Phone Holder
• Portable LED Light Frame
• Tablet Holder
• Capsule Backpack
• Tripod Extension Bar
• Ultra Light Weight Monitor

Detailed Design

Our patented design allows users to configure and reconfigure their webstation quickly, easily and for a variety of purposes.

Portable Productivity

From working to gaming to influencing to creating your digital masterpiece, we’ve got you covered. SpiderBracket allows for flexibility and continued increased productivity, regardless of your location.

Countless Combinations

Portable monitors, along with tablets, cell phones, cameras, lights, microphones (just to name a few) can be used in a variety of combinations. Whatever your needs may be, SpiderBracket can make it happen. Designed to help you create a mobile webstation that is uniquely yours.